Friday, December 14, 2012

Medical Humor: Life Of A Medical Student ~

Life of a Medical Student ~
1st day of college - mania.

hostel food- dysphagia.

lecture hall- ptosis.

cultural- nystagmus.

seminars- palpitations.

internals- migraine. 

study hall- insomnia.

exam hall- amnesia.

viva- aphasia.

day before university exam -depression.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting Clinical Year


An edited list written by a final year medical student from university somewhere in UK.
In related to our kuliyyah, some are true, some are being exaggerated, and some are totally good.But, some are so true that the editor still considering to share. The original list of 100 things is being cut short so that almost non of it will be able to hurt or scared anyone.

Things You Wish You Knew Before Starting Clinical Year

Do read and enjoy...

1. You’ll study more than you ever have in your life.

2. Third year rotations will trouble the life out of you.

3. Your social life may suffer some.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dr.Harlina's Survival Tips For Medical Students

Assalamualaikum and hello to readers.
I want to share 30 great,marvellous tips for medical students by Dr.Harlina..

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS : Tip no. 1 - Thank Allah (God) for this golden opportunity. Allow yourself to be trained with the basic medical knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that are essential for the profession. If you're a caring, responsible, unselfish and emphatic person, half the battle is won. If you're not, it's a long way ahead! 

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS : Tip no. 2 - Do not be afraid to make mistakes now. As students, you learn thro' your mistakes and corrections by your teachers. If you're scolded or criticized for your mistakes, be strong. You could only be hurt or affected as much as you have allowed yourself to be! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Food and Diseases (Part 1)

Food and drink which can lead to health problems..

I want to share certain diseases which is caused by, or associated with food.Diseases occur when there is imbalance in the food intake;certain food is taken excessively or less than requirement, and also when the ingredients are harmful to the health.

Some of them are:

1)Sweet food, rich in Sugar/Carbohydrate: Diabetes mellitus and Obesity

2)Salty food: Hypertension

3)Salted or smoked food, pickled vegetables: Stomach cancer, Esophageal cancer

4)Cholesterol, oily, high fat-diet: Obesity, atherosclerosis and hypertension, heart diseases, prostate cancer

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lesson Learnt 2:Not Compliant to Medication

         I'm currently having sore throat.Usually this will be the earliest sign that I'll be getting sick,that I will go into fever,cold,cough,runny nose.Usually,but not necessarily.hehe.. Actually I'm the kind that rarely take medication when I'm having fever,because I just don't like taking medicine itself.When I was small,I have a strong thought and belief that taking medicine is not good,because it contains chemicals.And I don't know what effect it can cause to my body even though it relieves some health problem.So,whenever I have minor illnesses,I try to avoid taking medicine.Besides,I also don't know the proper technique of how to take medicine by mouth,how to swallow it properly so that it can go directly into my throat,into esophagus and stomach.